Word from the Promoter of NGO ACAHIJEC

Word from the Promoter of NGO ACAHIJEC
I (Ms Yvonne Flore Belema Chonga) was Born on August 21, 1985 in Douala, from Mbam INOUBOU in the district of Ombessa , Center Region, Cameroon i’am  President of the non-governmental organization  known as  Cameroon Association  for Help in Hygiene and Integration of Young People into Communities (ACAHIJEC).

 I did my primary education and part of secondary education in the Far North precisely in Adamaoua, then in the Littoral  and the Centre. I Hold of a professional Master’s Degree from the university of Dschang in project analysis and evaluation and I have 15 years of experience working on field projects in Cameroon and abroad. Today, I have expertise in issues related to water, Hygiene and Sanitation for schools and Communities, having also an International Center for Vocational Training in Hygiene and Cleanliness Professions and I am the national President of the trade Union of Surface Technicians and Household Employees. I believe I am a Very sociable, charismatic leader, crowd leader and philanthropist, I am very committed and passionate about social entrepreneurship. I am the mother of a wonderful little girl.


 Cameroon Association For Help in Hygiene and Integration of Young People into Communities (NGO)

After spending some time abroad, in 2017, I had a vision of creating an association to bring more to a sector that I considered a little neglected in Cameroon. It is important to stress since the personal motivation, a sad story of my life which motivated the foundation of ACAHIJEC. This sad story concerned my infection contracted in unclean toilets at primary school and which I  carried around in ignorance for twenty years. It almost destroyed the joy of being a mother. I consider this experience as  a fight for young girls and women.

 The Cameroon Association for help in Hygiene and Integration of Young People in Communities (ACAHIJEC)which was first just an association became officially recognized as a non-governmental organization by Order No. 000127/A/MINAT/Sg/DAP/SDLP/SONG/BA   of December 27, 2022.

Indeed, ACAHIJEC is a collective life designed for communities and structures interested in the improvement  of the living conditions of  populations or beneficiaries in everyday life. It accelerates economic  growth, promotes an integrated action to  change mentalities and behaviors, valuing human capital through vocational training and the socio-professional integration of young people in the field of hygiene  and sanitation.

ACAHIJEC is based in Yaoundé and Douala, it is committed to supporting the efforts of the Cameroon government and other countries that may request its expertise in accordance with the National Development  Strategy 2020-2030 (SND2030). It works towards the achievement of the emergence of Cameroon through a large program aimed at promoting water, hygiene and sanitation in , towns and villages as well as the training of young people and  their socio-professional integration in the field of the hygiene and sanitation.



This tenth satire of Juvenal makes a close link between the BODY and the SPIRIT which must be maintained for the balance of the human being (In our terms). Since Man lives in an environment, this environment cannot be neglected. This brings us back to the trilogy “SPIRIT, BODY and ENVIRONMENT.

For the perfect balance of the human being (In our terms) these three entities must be maintained and cleaned up so that we feel good in our Skin through our lifestyle (cleanliness), good in our Spirit through Prayer and good in iour environment through Sanitation.

To Focus more on hygiene and sanitation, I highlight here one of the most neglected, poorly maintained and even

sometimes non-existent parts of the human environment, namely, the toilet. The Toilet, is a place of ease, a place of intimacy with oneself. A place where the human being finds  himself face to face with his humanity yet it is clear that in our societies, in our neighborhoods, in our cities, in our streets, in our offices and even in our hospitals today we contract very serious diseases. As I pointed out above I have been a victim . This place has become a source of sadness, sorrow and dehumanization. From the street to the school through the office to the House, the dignity of Man is trampled. This is why in the face of this appalling observation, the fight against poor sanitary conditions, the scarcity and   poor quality of water as well as unsuitable hygiene practices, which are unhealthy for our society and environment , are part of our daily challenge. It is with the aim of having a healthy mind, a healthy body, in a healthy environment that I bring this Advocacy to you. 

  • This advocacy is for those young girls who cannot attend classes during their menstrual period because of lack of clean toilets, safe place to change or dispose their used pads, women who cannot be mothers due to infections contracted unconsciously in a toilet which might happened at their teenage age or The dignity and intimacy of the young girl or woman which is violated because they feel compelled to use an inadequate toilet instead of relieving themselves in full view of everyone. 
  • This Plea also goes towards a young man, who frustrated during his teenage or a young man unable to procreate because of a neglected or poorly treated sexually transmitted infections, which registers him in the infertile book, to the extent of losing his authority over his wife. 
  • This plea equally thinks of these families who are victims of floods and the consequent lack of sanitation and extra diseases. of ourselves who very often pay the price on the roads and sidewalks when we want to attend our various businesses.

Insects vector of deadly diseases and rodents who have become our daily companions despite us and who are destructive agents of properties and food items in our homes. 

  • Young, ambitious graduate or not, who want to earn an honest living, my plea concerns you. Through our vocational center you can have a knowledge that allow you to serve your families or communities, make aware of protecting toilet areas which are meant to safeguard waste properly and, as a result, the lives of all of us. 
  • This plea is for those Bayam sellam whom we consider the (breast) of the country , providing basic nutrition for all, who ,cannot afford nannies are compelled to take their young children with them to markets, unwillingly exposing them to bad weather and other dangers that may impede their blossoming and well-being are compelled to use poorly maintained toilets or expose their intimacy by going for open spaces to ease themselves. 
  • What about our young children who go to school with cans of water on your head or who cannot have a normal school day because they have to fetch water in rivers, springs or streams to improve their environment, what if, as its happens sometimes they are victims of rape or traffic accidents, they are concerned by this advocacy. Take note, the articles 24 and 29 of the United States convention for the protection of children’s rights emphasizes on their right for clean and safe environment especially in school milieu. Unfortunately, in our context, especially government primary schools, we observe oftentimes polluted environment due to a lack of permanent treatment of fecal sludge and groundwater because no municipality has a truck for emptying septic tanks and this is how on daily basis,our children are exposed to cholera and waterborne diseases 
  • What about Cameroonians or foreigners who cannot have access to clean toilets when we are requesting public services or customers of leisure structures, we should feel concerned. 

I know that we can change it and would carry it out together.

I invite you Ladies and Gentlemen, Partners, Volunteers, Anonymous, Private and Public volunteers, national and international organizations to get your tickets and to embark with me on this beautiful line of action that connect water, hygiene and sanitation. The journey will last 3 years 2023-2026. Rest assured, we will not sink like the Titanic, but We will all arrive safely in order to make our country the first cleanest African country in 2030.

It is on this note that I send you my best wishes for health, happiness, prosperity and success in your endeavours.

 Yvonne Flore BELEMA,

President, NGO ACAHIJEC.

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    ACAHIJEC Overview
    The Cameroonian Association for Aid to Hygiene and the Integration of Young
    People in Communities (ACAHIJEC) was created in 2017. It was declared on February
    27, 2019 with the services of the prefecture of the Department of Mfoundi, under the
    number 00000237. It is located at Maetur Nkomo behind the Marc Vivien FOE complex
    in the Yaoundé 4 Town Hall district where it is regularly registered under number 0052.
    After carrying out several actions in favor of the populations in raising
    awareness of good practices in hygiene rules and rational waste management, the
    association has undertaken to contribute to the cleanliness of toilets and the school
    environment. while paying particular attention to the management of menstrual
    hygiene in schoolgirls.

    National Advocacy of May 12, 2022


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